Changing the face of gaming.

These people are dragging core gaming kicking and screaming into the browser using the latest HTML5 and WebGL technology.
Ankur Pansari
Ankur Pansari was a member of Facebook's Platform Partnerships founding team and touched over 250 partnerships during his tenure where his role grew to managing the Facebook experience on over 100m devices. Ankur has a passion for gaming like none other — he helped organize the first After Hours Gaming League, has played thousands of games of StarCraft, and reached the top of the North American Masters ladder. Prior to Facebook, Ankur helped distribute hundreds of millions of Google Toolbars where he also received the highly prestigous Google OC award -- Google's second highest honor. Ankur has a BS in Applied Math, a BS in Optical Engineering, and a minor in Physics from the University of Rochester where he graduated with distinction.

Ankur is involved with the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America as a former big brother and fundraiser.

Role: Co-founder, CEO
Previously: Google, Facebook
Favorite games: StarCraft, Legend of Zelda
Bob Archibald
Bob Archibald started off his 10+ year career in the game industry as a concept artist at Sony. After learning his first 3D package, Bob became obsessed with building fun, stylish, and immersive game worlds with rich visual storytelling — and conquering all of the technical challenges involved. He has built lush and detailed worlds found in several high profile LucasArts games (ranging from Indiana Jones to various Star Wars projects) as well as breathing life into more stylized game worlds in games like Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and CounterSpy.

Role: Art Lead
Previously: SCEA, LucasArts, Sanzaru, Dynamighty
Favorite games: Team Fortress 2, Portal 2, Journey, Tribes Series, Mario Kart
Cihan Özçelik
Cihan Özçelik has a diverse background including air defense systems, game development, and augmented reality. He has lectured on game and interactive content development and released an open-source behavior-driven game engine, smirkengine. Prior to Artillery he launched a successful product customization site, Kenditarzim, which produces beautifully-engraved custom notebooks.

Role: Software Engineer, browser enthusiast, simplicity tyrant
Previously: C2TECH, Mindfunction, Kenditarzim
Favorite games: StarCraft, Another World, X-COM, Metal Gear
Eric Burkhart
Eric Burkhart started gaming competitively in his early teens, traveling along the east coast with his Magic: The Gathering team. He later combined forces with his friend Sean, creating Day[9]TV and the After Hours Gaming League to help grow the competitive gaming community. In his spare time he loves finding stories in giant sets of data. He earned his MS from Stanford with a focus in artificial intelligence to aid this search.

Role: Head of Growth, strategist, data maven
Previously: Day[9]TV, Stanford
Favorite games: MTG, Hearthstone, League of Legends, StarCraft
Ian Langworth
Ian Langworth contributed to many things at Google, such as YouTube video mosaics, hosted news articles, pager duty, a mailing list about meat, and much more. Later on he became the first engineering hire at Redbeacon, which was acquired by The Home Depot. He received a dual degree in Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology from Northeastern University because he thought he’d be training an army of rats. Instead he has a wiener dog that uses a doorbell. Science!

Role: Co-founder, CTO
Previously: Google, Redbeacon / The Home Depot
Favorite games: Halo, Nethack, Team Fortress 2, iRacing, Dark Souls
Li Jia Tan
Li Jia Tan has worked as a concept artist in the entertainment industry for projects such as Star Wars: TFU2, Star Wars: First Assault, Star Wars: Detours, Defiance, and many others. Starting his career at Lucasarts, he has also spent time working at Lucasfilm Animation assisting in getting new animation projects off the ground, as wells as designing massive multiplayer worlds at Trion Worlds and Ncsoft.

Role: Art Director
Previously: Lucasarts/Lucasfilm, Ncsoft, Trion Worlds
Favorite games: Last of Us, Bioshock series, l4d series, Call of Duty Zombies
Jono Spiro
Jono Spiro can turn most any love song into a sea shanty, most any squash into something Paleo, and most any code into a stack trace (and back again). His past lives were largely spent hoisting and hauling things in Flash/AS3. Across frameworks, engines, designer tools, and performance optimization — home for him is always the back-end of the front-end.

Role: Engineer, shantyman
Previously: Adobe, Tiny Speck (Glitch)
Favorite games: The Command and Conquers, The Sim Cities, The Monkey Islands, The Elder Scrolls
Manoj Koushik
Manoj Koushik was the Director of Technical Platform Operations at Zynga and managed all of the platform partnerships, including Facebook, which happens to be one of the biggest partnerships in the valley. Prior to that Manoj was at Google and worked on various projects including Google Play Books, AdSense and Google Wallet. Prior to leaving Google he was managing a team of AdSense Account Managers and a business scaling close to 250mm. At Artillery he'll be focusing on the business side of things and trying to make it rain, maybe even hail.

Role: Business Operations, adrenaline junkie, astronomer
Previously: Google, Zynga
Favorite games: MassEffect 2, Quake, Uncharted, Portal 2
Mark Logan
Mark Logan has carried the pager for and built cluster management software used throughout Google. As Artillery's backend guru, his mission is to ensure system reliability even during the harshest onslaught of customers, or aliens, or alien customers. He has a dual degree in Computer Science and Math from Northeastern University.

Role: Co-founder, engineer, scalability czar
Previously: Google
Favorite games: StarCraft, Final Fantasy II, Mario Kart
Micah Catlin
Micah Catlin has worked up and down the stack at Google and Intel, from developing system BIOS to reporting on search distribution partnerships. His most recent stint working on Chrome OS got him excited about the fast-improving web platform.

Role: Senior Software Engineer
Previously: Google, Intel
Favorite games: Quake, Mario Kart, Super Dodgeball
Sean "Day[9]" Plott
Sean "Day[9]" Plott is a frequently laughing, ever-growing mass who regularly hosts the StarCraft strategy webshow The Day[9] Daily. He’s traveled around the globe to provide commentary for eSports events at NASL, IEM, WCS, BlizzCon, MLG, and DreamHack, rapidly becoming the world’s leading expert at resetting sleep schedules. He studied math at Harvey Mudd and Interactive Media at USC. He spends considerable time thinking about Corgis.

Role: Game Designer, Strategist, rhythm tapper, giggler
Previously: Day[9]TV, CRESST
Favorite games: StarCraft: BroodWar, StarCraft 2, Beatmania IIDX, Castlevania: SOTN, Banjo-Kazooie, Earth Defense Force 2017, Journey, Antichamber, Chronotrigger
Thibaut Despoulain
Thibaut Despoulain is a young, French WebGL enthusiast that worked on various web projects as well as other 3D and eye-candy stuff. His most recent release being HexGL, a technical demo in the form of a futuristic 3D racing game playable inside the browser.

Role: Software Engineer, Shiny Things Aficionado
Previously: University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard
Favorite games: League of Legends, Final Fantasy IX, UT2k4, RF Online
Diana is wondering when you'll throw the ball. Ball? More ball? Where's the ball? Can we play with ball now? Ball? BALL! Ball? Ball. Zzzzzzzzz.

Role: Tennis Ball Enthusiast
Previously: El Cerrito Animal Rescue
Favorite games: Ball, rope, but mostly ball
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